Coordinators - Anastasia Leonova and Maria Volchenok.

The program includes curatorial projects by Olena Kasperovich, Anastasiia Yevsieieva, Daryna Skrynnyk-Myska.

The parallel program presents a number of art projects that are an important addition to our conversation, stemming from the curatorial concept of "It looks like I’m entering our garden".

The idea of a garden as the orderliness that needs constant care, the opposite of the fluid and uncertain modern world, is seen and interpreted by the curators of each program - Borys Filonenko, Anastasiia Yevsieieva, Daryna Skrynnyk-Myska, Aza Nizi Maza Studio, Kateryna Filiuk, curators and organisers of projects in the parallel program, - in their own individual way. All curators offer their own answer to this enquiry; they select projects on the basis of their personal perception and comprehension of the topic. 

The Biennale's main exhibition is complemented by the children's program and the parallel exhibition featuring works by older artists. These two programs allow for participation of those artists who do not meet the Biennale age requirements. This is especially true of children - because children's art is often perceived with prejudice: as if it were a kind of "quasi-creativity" which cannot be put together with the art of adults. The presence of works by artists of different generations at this Biennale declares that the ability to create contemporary art and to reflect on current issues is not dependent on age. Therefore, this approach makes it possible to create a fuller gamut of meanings which emerge in response to the Biennale concept.



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