The educational program of the Second Biennale of Young Art in Kharkiv, whose main events will be taking place during the work of the Main and Parallel exhibition projects, started in spring 2019 with the Mediators’ School educational project. Mediators are people who help visitors to better understand what is happening, acting as intermediaries between viewers and works of art. So, the Mediators’ School intended to teach very different students how to speak about works of art and engage audiences in dialogue. They would later use these skills when they work as mediators during the Biennale.

The educational program events during the main project will be taking place at various venues in co-authorship and co-operation with a range of organizations, initiatives, and individuals who will work out the topics outlined in the program. For conceptual reasons and for ease of use all events of the educational program are divided into three thematic blocks - Equality, Alternative Versions of the Future, and Cybercity.

The first block will be devoted to freedom of expression and diversity of gender identities. Lectures, film screenings and discussions through a series of art projects, practices, and techniques will demonstrate how to speak about discriminated groups and overcome prejudices and xenophobic sentiments in the Ukrainian society.

In the Alternative Versions of the Future block, Ukrainian and international experts will speculate about different (imaginary and quite real) scenarios of events from the point of view of the greatest and most universal - environmental - problem that humanity is facing now.

Cybercity, in its turn, will provide an opportunity to consider coexistence of real and virtual public spaces. In contrast to real public space, which is constantly shrinking and is increasingly more regulated and/or commercialized, virtual space is becoming a kind of shelter for many artists, offering hope for free expression.


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